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RAGT22 will be held Thursday, June 9th through Saturday, June 11th, 2020 at the Holiday Inn Cincinnati Airport. Come join and meet Morgan and some of your other favorite romance authors! Morgan is also offering you an exclusive opportunity to purchase your favorite Morgan Malone publications and have them personalized by Morgan with an inscription of your choice. Go to my advance order form and order today!

Don't forget to check out a full listing of Morgan Malone events. See you there!  Morgan

These are some of the recent projects and seminars I have been attending.

RWA16 in San Diego! I met up with some of the fabulous authors who are members of the Face Book group, Seasoned Romance, where we celebrate, discuss and dissect “mature love.” Our group came together in 2016 to support our belief that woman of a certain age want to read romances about men and women who are not young enough to be their kids. We think that since we are over 25, our “book boyfriends” should be too! Follow our adventures on Face Book!






RT16 in Las Vegas, baby! Morgan Malone and LuAnn McLane at their workshop “Flirty at 40, Foxy at 50 and Sexy at 60: Writing Mature Love.” Even though we met in the morning, we spoke to a room full of authors and readers, all interested in “book boyfriends” over the age of 30! We poured a little wine, talked a little trash about publishers and agents who still believe that books featuring heroes and heroines over the age of 25 just won’t sell, shared some war stories and gave away a lot of books and swag. Look for a repeat of our workshop, with more details, more books and some bourbon at RT17 in Atlanta! Remember, love, like whiskey, gets better with age!


RAGT16 in Cincinnati. I attended Lori Foster’s awesome three-day weekend for authors and readers to just hang out and talk books. I scored a great seat next to Sylvia McDaniel at the Book Signing on Friday and was thrilled to have Unanswered Prayers available to sell and sign. Look for me at RAGT17!

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    Losing Control: Mick's Story
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