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Wherein I chronicle the ventures, adventures and misadventures of an over-50, former judge and counsel turned writer of romantic memoir and racy romance novels. Explore my world of Internet dating, writing, pitching, selling and publishing books about romance, empty-nesting and traveling, with or without my chocolate Labrador Retriever, Marley.

Morgan Malone is the pen name of a retired lawyer who turned in her judicial robes to write erotic romance and sexy memoirs.

Morgan fell in love with romantic heroes after reading her mother’s first edition of “Gone with the Wind” when she was 12 years old. Rhett Butler became the standard by which she measured all men. Some have met the mark, most have failed to even come close and one or two surpassed even Rhett’s dark and dangerous allure.

Morgan lives near Saratoga Springs, NY with her beloved chocolate Lab. She can be found on occasion drinking margaritas and dancing at local hostelries, but look for her most often in independent book stores and the library, searching for her next great love in tales of romance, history, adventure and lust. When she can’t find the perfect man, she hides out in her upstairs office and creates him, body and soul, for her pleasure and for yours.  Morgan


Hello Readers,


I hope this finds you all well, sheltered and not too worried. We are staying home in New York, which works for me, given my current circumstances. I hope it is working for you.

You haven’t heard from me for awhile. After my newsletter last Spring, I had long overdue knee replacement surgery that knocked me out for most of the Summer. I finished my PT just in time for Dr. Daughter and I to take a bucket-list cruise to Alaska in September. I highly recommend the Inside Passage cruise…spectacular views, wonderful excursions and a really great food. There will be a Morgan Malone romance set in Alaska someday, I promise!

 After our usual family Thanksgiving in Lake Placid, I returned full of writing plans and ready to do some lawyer work. You know what they say about the best-laid plans…I was hospitalized on December 23 because my right eyelid was completely shut, my eyeball was throbbing and I had a horrible, non-stop headache. It turns out what I thought was eyestrain was a brain aneurysm just behind my right eye, pressing on the Third Nerve. I had an angiogram and catheterization and a stent was placed to take care of the aneurysm. The headache is gone but I am only now getting movement back in my eyelid and eye. I still have limited vision but the prognosis is very good, so I am finally back to writing. And I look dashing in my eye patch, though my family has said they think I am taking my Pirate fascination a bit too far.

 Writing! I am nearing completion on Losing Control: Mick’s Story, the third and final installment in my Love In Control Series. Mick Mullarney, who you met in Taking Control: Rick’s Story, is finally coming out of his five-year mourning period for his beloved wife Annie, who passed away from breast cancer. Annie, always an in-charge woman, has been pestering Mick from the Hereafter to get on with his life. Mick has no idea how to do this, even with the assistance of his two daughters, who have grown-up almost as bossy as their late mother. Enter Maggie McDonald. Statuesque, red-haired Maggie is a “in control” woman, who has made a meaningful life for herself on the Jersey Shore. A thriving small business, loads of friends and a newly adopted black Labrador Retriever are all she needs. Falling in love plays no part in her life plans. She’s been burned twice and she is not looking for a third broken heart. Then she runs into Mick and all bets are off! I am loving this book because there is a lot of me in both these characters. And they are so hot: think Tom Selleck and Connie Britton. I know you will love this book too. It will be available around June 1.


I am sponsoring a Seasoned Romance Boardroom again this June at Lori Foster’s Reader-Author Get-Together in Cincinnati, along with Gracie Guy, Judy Kentrus and Lucinda Race. We’re planning two days and nights filled with Silver foxes and the women who tame them, games, giveaways, painted rocks, movies and, of course, chocolate. These authors and I are offering some of our e-books free or at low prices in April to give everyone who is staying home, with reduced income perhaps, a chance to enjoy some HEA.

Two of my e-books, Out of Control: Kat’s Story and Taking Control: Rick’s Story will be $.99 each during different weeks in April.

Here are the links:


Out of Control: Kat’s Story – From April 3-10, 2020:


Taking Control: Rick’s Story – From April 11-18m 2020:



Here are links to featured books by Gracie Guy, Judy Kentrus and Lucinda Race:


Gracie Guy: Gracie Guy is the pen name for a woman who feels she has been blessed with an eclectic and rewarding life, filled with family, friends and a passel of animals. In addition to a few unique occupations, she's a wife, sister, aunt, farmer, runner, skier and gardener, who loves to travel and proudly calls Upstate New York her home. Join her for some of her trips with her Passion novellas and fall in love with her home state with the New York Journey series.

All of Gracie’s books are being reduced to $.99 in April.

Here’s the link:


Judy Kentrus: Judy has listed her first two US Park Ranger books with Kindle Unlimited for April. The third book, A Timeless Kiss, in this awesome series is now available.

A Kiss at Sunset:

Kiss of Fire

A Timeless Kiss


Lucinda Race: Lucinda is offering an entire series for free! The Loudon series features the McKenna family and follows their struggle with the devastating loss of their father, Ben. Shane, Kate and Ellie McKenna have a difficult time opening their hearts to love - but with the support of a loving mother, Cari, and their father's ghost, they will find their happily ever afters. Uplifting romance stories set in the heart of a small town. 

For the entire series- 


I am sending good wishes and prayers out to everyone during this difficult time. Our romance community is known for its kindness and generosity and it is more than evident during these days. Many authors are offering free books or are including their books in Kindle Unlimited. I’m happy to offer Unanswered Prayers, the first romance I ever wrote, for free from April 3-7. It’s a seasoned romance (the main characters are over 35) and it’s pretty spicy, to take the chill out of these last days of cold weather. And the story is set in 2001, another time of crisis and compassion in America. All I ask is that you please leave a positive review on Amazon, Goodreads or your own website, blog or FaceBook page. Here’s the link:


As part of the free-book adventure, I am pleased to introduce you to my friend, Dawn Baca. Join her newsletter or blog and receive a free book!

     Website URL:

Social media links:

  • Facebook: com/DawnMBaca
  • Twitter: com/BacaDawn
  • Instagram:
  • BookBub: com/profile/dawn-baca
  • Goodreads:

About Me:

I love wine. All wine. Sweet, bold, heavy, light. White, red, bubbles, it doesn’t matter I’m always up for wine tasting. Just like with book covers, a pretty label will draw me in, and then the blurb finalizes the sale.

I love to travel. By land, by air or by sea. It doesn’t matter. I prefer the sea as I love water and warmth. It seems like I feel like I’m freezing every time I’m in the mountains. I love foreign destinations and culturally diverse foods and eat them often, even when at home.

I love to read. I read pretty much most genres. I don’t have a favorite book or genre. I re-read some books more than once. To me it’s like reconnecting with old friends. Sometimes they call to me, and I just need to hear their voices, so to speak.

I have two books out, Her Guarded Heart, and Her Heart’s Desire. They are currently available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited: and

My next book His Heart’s Promise is up for pre-order on all platforms.


All Other Platforms:

I offer a free copy of my first book Her Guarded Heart to anyone who joins my newsletter and blogs either directly through my website or through any of the group promotions that I’m often participating in.

My bio, books, and blogs can be found on my website:


To close on a positive note, meet my new fur-baby, Princess. She is eight-years old and had a tough life before she was found abandoned in Georgia. After some foster care, she made her way to me through A Second Chance for Ziva, a rescue organization in New Jersey. She loves my big back yard, taking long walks, barking at chipmunks and snoozing in one of her three doggie beds. I love having her company. A portion of my profits from the sale of Losing Control: Mick’s Story will be donated to A Second Chance for Ziva.


Love, Morgan

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I almost died in 2019.


After an arduous two weeks of writing a legal document (in my other life I am an arbitrator), I had a blinding headache, a droopy eyelid and double vision. I chalked it up to eye strain (I almost failed high school Biology and this is why I never pursued a medical career). I was wrong. Right before Christmas, I mad an appointment t with my ophthalmologist. He saved my life. After about five minutes of looking at me, he sent me directly to the nearest Emergency Room to rule out an aneurysm in my brain. He was right. On December 26, I had an angiogram and catheterization to deal with an aneurysm pressing on my Third Nerve (the one that controls your eyelid and eyeball movement). I was lucky. A stent was placed about an inch behind my right eyeball and I was sent home two days later.


But now, I still have a closed right eye, which I can barely open. When I do, I have double vision because my eyeball is not moving very much. But there has been a slight improvement in the month since the surgery and my neurosurgeon is “cautiously optimistic.”


As for me, I’m grateful for my health insurance, my doctors, every nurse I met and my loving family and supportive friends. I didn’t die, and I’m not blind. I can deal with the funky eyelid. After all, I’m working on a Pirate trilogy so I can really rock my collection of eye patches. My grandson love it when I growl at them: Aaarrgghh!


For now, I am enjoying Princess, the sweet 8-year old black Lab mix I recently adopted from Georgia. She makes me walk a little each day and is good company. And since my schedule outside the house is greatly reduced because I cannot drive, I am spending more time trying to red and write, It is tricky but while I was having multiple CTs and MRIs, I outlined two books in my head, so I am desperate to get them down on paper. I may have to try voice to text or write my books in long hand. But I can still write. This blog is my first attempt in over a month.


My life has changed. I’m facing a few obstacles. With the help of my family and friends, I think I can fully recover. If not, I believe I can create a new life that may be different, but just as rewarding as the last two or three incarnations of myself have been.


I’m not dead yet.


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Spring has Sprung

Welcome Spring! I say that with three inches of newly fallen snow on my lawn! But, there are buds on the Magnolia trees and I saw a really fat Robin hopping across the yard this morning so I am hopeful.


It’s been awhile since I blogged…long cold winter, new grandson (YAY!), the passing of my sweet chocolate Lab, Marley (I still miss him) and writing in three different series!

I’m just finishing the fourth installment in my Barefoot Bay World series. Dreams of You is Dr. Joel Alfonso’s story. You may remember him as Dr. McDreamy in Need You Now. He’s the hot new doc in Mimosa Key and he’s alone. He’s been alone since finishing his internship because the woman he loved walked out on him with no explanation. Now, fourteen years three months and an odd number of days, Dr. Sydney Butler Washington is living at the Casa Blanca Resort and Spa and working with Joel’s friend, Dr. Oliver Bradbury, across the causeway in Naples. Joel hates Sydney, or so he thought until he gets up close and personal for the first time. Sydney has tried to put Joel out of her mind since the day she was forced to leave Joel and she has mostly succeeded. But, they are too close for comfort now and the secrets from their past will either send Sydney running away again…or finally give them their happy ever after! And there will be a dog…not a Lab this time or a little yappy dog…this canine character is huge!

I’m almost done writing Treasure, the novella length contemporary prologue to my Pirates of the Eastern Shore series. Vicke and Hank are oceanographers. She is a oceanographic anthropologist and University professor. He is an adventurer, sailing the seven seas in search of sunken pirate ships, lost treasure; always looking for the legendary Golden Lion, the flagship of the famous Pirates of the Eastern Shore. Oh, and Vicke and Hank were once married but that was eons ago and Vicke believes she is well rid of Hank. Until he shows up one stormy night sodden, desperate and with the unholy gleam in his eye that has always given him away…he’s on to the trail of the Golden Lion! They put their differences aside to spend the summer ascertaining if the wreck Hank has discovered off the coast of Maine could be the long, lost ship. But, they soon discover that the differences that drove them apart so many years ago are meaning less in the face of the later-in-life-love that is drawing them together.

Finally, at Dr. Daughter’s request, I have begun a three-part series about three women who met in college, went on to grad school, are excelling in their professions…and have vowed never to marry. In the face of an impossible challenge from their now-married classmate, they agree to try dating, one more time. I’m having a lot of fun with this one and Dr. Daughter is in charge of creating the Pinterist page that will give you all hints about the “I’ll Never Say I Do Club.”

Back to writing!



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Seasoned Romance

I've been reading romance since I was in the sixth grade and my mother gave me her copy of Gone with the Wind. I get lost in the stories, identify with the heroine and fall in love with the hero.

Fast forward fifty years! I'm not 12 years old. I'm just into my sixth decade on this Earth. But, I still read romance almost every day. And, after thirty-plus years of practicing law, I am living my dream by writing and publishing romance novels and romantic memoir.

I still want to fall in love with the heroes of these books, whether I'm reading the book or writing it. That's why my favorite heroes now are in their 40's, 50's and 60's! Up till a few years ago, you could not find a romance novel featuring a "mature" couple. You mind find an older man and a much younger woman or maybe a "cougar" story of an older woman and a much younger man, but very few couples who were looking for a second chance at love. Not a silver fox to be found!

Now, it's a whole different ballgame! Small publishing houses and indie authors are putting out romance novels aimed at the 35-65 demographic. My good friend and mentor, LuAnn McLane has always featured an older couple, usually as the secondary romance, in her Cricket Creek series. Karen Booth has written my favorite aging rock star series and started a group on Face Book called Seasoned Romance! Roxanne St. Claire is breaking records with her Timeless heroes down in Barefoot Bay! And everything I write has always featured main characters in this age group. After all, you write what you know...and if you've read Cocktales, you know I know a lot about later-in-life romance!

I'm especially excited about mature love today because our Face Book group, Seasoned Romance, is running a $.99 Seasoned Romance Book Hop, where you can buy many of our books for a special limited price of $.99 and, by visiting our Face Book pages, get in on some cool giveaways! And, today, I finally re-released the erotic romance novel that started this roller coaster ride for me. Published in 2015 as Katarina: Out of Control, my own take on a more mature version of Fifty Shades, today marks the release of Out of Control: Kat's Story, with a sexy new cover and an excerpt from the next book in the Love In Control series, Taking Control: Rick's Story! Rick's story will be coming to you sometime in early 2017.

It snowed today in the Great Northeast and I'm staying warm in my office with a cup of tea and a flannel shirt, doing some legal writing. But, doing the final edits on Kat also warmed me up considerably. Try it for $.99 today, or Unanswered Prayers, also reduced today to $.99 or any of the other Seasoned Romance books. I guarantee that a good steamy romance will take the chill off and warm your heart.


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It is almost October. My office was a mess from a summer of conventions, injuries, legal work (remember, I am still a labor law contract grievance/disciplinary charge arbitrator) and a half-dozen almost completed and just-in-the-outline-stage projects.

Instead of writing, I've been cleaning. Three arbitration awards, the last chapter of 32 Days, the final 2/3 of Rick: Taking Control and the outline for my entry into Barefoot Bay Kindle World were languishing on my desk. I couldn't find the words I needed for any of them.

So...I cleaned. I rearranged, disposed of, dusted, moved, gave away and then hung up a new 12-month school calendar to track my progress from this day forth. I feel recharged.

And, all of you out there, benefit from my cleaning frenzy with this amazing opportunity to win some rally cool swag from RT2016 in Vegas!

I'm giving away a goodie bag from RT2016 full of great swag, including shot glasses, notebooks, free e-book downloads and at least six books, one of which is my first erotic romance, Katarina: Out of Control!

Just sign up on my contact form to receive my December newsletter with announcements about my books to be published in 2017. Romantic memoir, ex-Special ops dominating male, Dr. Hottie Rock Star on the beach and maybe one or two pirates!

I hope to hear from you! I have two more bags of swag and books to giveaway! I want to keep this office clean so I can write!


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End of Summer

It's September. It was a long, hot summer, and I am welcoming the cool breezes I felt this morning when I let Marley out for his morning patrol around the back yard. Already the shad trees in the front yard are shedding their small golden leaves - the day after Labor Day and I need to rake.

I have not written very much this past summer. Shoulder surgery in December laid me low till March, then the season of romance writer conventions - RT, RAGT and RWA - plus an injured foot took up most of my time and energy. So did funerals.

I attended a lot of funerals this summer - too many. I belong to a congregation where many of my fellow congregants are in their 80's and 90's, so its not really a surprise when I learn that someone who is 90 has passed away. But this summer, death took so many who were also my friends.

Tomorrow I must attend another funeral. The woman who was like a mother to me, especially since my own passed away 8 years ago, and like a grandmother to my children, died on Monday. We called her "The Matriarch" and she was. Most of what I know about my synagogue, I learned from her. And now I must step into her shoes. It is a testament to all she did and all she knew, that it will take at least half a dozen of us to fill her shoes, and we won't, really, be able to do everything she did, just the way she did. But we will try.

Memories of her and stories about her fill my head and spill out in telephone conversations and e-mails. That is all I have been writing about for the last 24 hours. Tomorrow we will lay her to rest in the shadow of the synagogue that she called her "home." And we will carry on her traditions so that, truly, she will never be absent from services, Kiddushes, Bar and Bat Mitzvot, baby namings, Purim and Passoiver meals. And funerals.

On Thursday, I will start writing again. The final chapters of the memoir about my late husband, stories she so loved to read as I wrote that book over the past three years. And romance novels. Too racy for her, she laughed, but she was as excited as my own mother when I showed her the covers. I will miss her.

Rest in peace, Stella. May your memory be for a blessing.

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